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Medieval Christians considered Mary the ‘New Eve’ and prayed to her to keep their gardens rich and fertile. For this reason, many flowers, herbs, and fruit became associated with Our Lady.

Mary is still an important figure in the hearts of Christians today. She brought hope, joy and beauty into the world and a Mary Garden is a wonderful way to honor her.

Please enjoy our blogs about Mary, prayer and gardening! You can also find us on our sister organization Family Rosary Blog.

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Planting Hope with Our Lady of Hope: Mary Garden Contest 2021

Fr. Jim Phalan, CSC

Mothers, Holiness is For You

Nicole O'Leary

Mary and the Garden of Eden

Fr. Jim Phalan, CSC

The Song of Songs and Mary Gardens: The Marriage of the Lamb

Fr. Jim Phalan, CSC

A Renaissance Mary Garden

Caleigh McCutcheon

Three Gardens: Eden, Gethsemane and Your Garden

Fr. Jim Phalan, C.S.C.

Your Mary Garden and God's Promises Fulfilled

Fr. Jim Phalan, CSC

A Joseph Garden

Fr. Leo Polselli, CSC

A Time to Grow: Memories of My Grandfather's Garden

Reilly Johnston

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