Welcome to Our Mary Garden Contest!


The second annual Mary Garden Contest is now open for entries! You have until July 26 to enter your photo so there is plenty of time to get your garden looking its best.  (FAQ link)

A Mary Garden is its own reward ... but we're offering prizes too! The top three in each category will win a gift package from the Museum of Family Prayer including items for the whole family to enjoy and embrace your faithful prayer life. We have inspiring, eBooks, blogs, and Mary Garden information like this list of flowers to help you with your garden .  

 Entries will be divided into two groups

Private/family gardens
Community/church gardens

We created this contest last year at the start of the pandemic. We hoped it would offer families a fun, prayerful activity they could do at home. Now we want to continue the tradition! 

 Gardening is a wonderful activity to do as a family, teaching important life skills such as patience and responsibility. We want to encourage families to pray together, wherever they are – so why not try a garden dedicated to Our Lady? We hope that caring for your Mary Garden will offer you an opportunity to spend time in prayer with Mary and invite God into your family life. Pray together in this sacred space you've created, and always remember Father Peyton’s famous message

“The family that prays together stays together.” 

Enter Contest!

Last Year's Winners

Untitled design (16)
First Place, Maryann Fabian
Untitled design (17)
Second Place, Angelina Ivezaj
Untitled design (18)
Third Place, Liam & Attracta Coleman
Untitled design (19)
Fourth Place, Mercedes Bautista
Untitled design (20)
Fifth Place, Matt Axe
Untitled design (21)
Sixth Place, Milagro de la Cruz
Untitled design (22)
Seventh Place, Mary Koykar
Untitled design (23)
Eighth Place, Eileen Rogers
Untitled design (24)
Ninth Place, Theresa Seeley
Untitled design (25)
Tenth Place, Kathleen McClellan

E-Book Resources for a Mary Garden


How to Plant a Mary Garden

Assumption Lilies for Mary's Garden

Planting a Mary Garden

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Throughout the contest we will be blogging about Mary, prayer, and gardening!