Welcome to Our 2nd Annual

Mary Garden Contest!

May 24th - July 26th

More Information Coming Soon!




Last Year's Winners

Untitled design (16)
First Place, Maryann Fabian
Untitled design (17)
Second Place, Angelina Ivezaj
Untitled design (18)
Third Place, Liam & Attracta Coleman
Untitled design (19)
Fourth Place, Mercedes Bautista
Untitled design (20)
Fifth Place, Matt Axe
Untitled design (21)
Sixth Place, Milagro de la Cruz
Untitled design (22)
Seventh Place, Mary Koykar
Untitled design (23)
Eighth Place, Eileen Rogers
Untitled design (24)
Ninth Place, Theresa Seeley
Untitled design (25)
Tenth Place, Kathleen McClellan
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Resources for a Mary Garden


How to Plant a Mary Garden

Why Do We Call Mary"Star of the Sea"?

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