The Museum of Family Prayer and administrative offices in Easton, MA is now open!


"The family is God's greatest masterpiece" Pope

It’s true. And now this first-of-its-kind contemporary museum welcomes you and your family to a unique, interactive, digital experience of prayer that your entire family can experience together.

The museum provides:

Inspiration: A spiritual experience of prayer – touch, listen and watch, reflect and pray.

Exploration: Learn more about the history and power of prayer.

Connection: Time to reconnect with your family and your faith.

You’ll also learn about the remarkable story of sainthood candidate, Father Patrick Peyton, C.S.C., who inspired the world with his timeless message, “the family that prays together stays together.” See artifacts from his life, ministry and priesthood.


Explore the Museum

Your journey begins here! Take a look around the Museum of Family Prayer

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Renewal of Vows on Saint Valentine's Day
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Renewal of Vows on Saint Valentine's Day
Rosary path
Step outside to pray the Rosary in nature while walking our peaceful Rosary path.
You’ll quickly learn the roots of prayer beginning with Hebrew Scriptures and progress to the emergence of the Rosary.
Discover peace throughout these holy grounds.
Our beloved founder, Father Patrick Peyton, C.S.C., is introduced through large-scale images and his own voice reciting the Rosary.
Plan your visit today!

Come Pray with Us

We offer liturgies, opportunities for confession, sacramental events, and other programs.

Experience Prayer

Join us in our chapel, all are welcome!


Combine your love for the outdoors and Rosary prayer!

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Our Founder, Venerable Patrick Peyton

Known as “The Rosary Priest,” Father Patrick Peyton, C.S.C., began the ministry Family Rosary in 1942 with the goal of building family unity through daily prayer of the Rosary.

Leading millions of people in prayer at Family Rosary Rallies around the world and pioneering in Catholic media with the foundation of Family Theater Productions, Father Peyton infused his passion for family prayer into a new generation of Catholics.

The essence of Father Peyton’s ministry is still relevant and vibrant among families today! His holy life and strong, tender devotion to Our Blessed Mother continues to inspire people.

Learn More About the Life and Works of Venerable Patrick Peyton